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Stand E5-E

Automating vision for safer, smarter security.


VIZGARD is a multi-award-winning SME building a safer future by automating real-time Security and Defence optical systems that traditionally require repetitive or prolonged monitoring.



Crime & Terrorism are constantly evolving – so should your mitigation measures



Enter our autonomy-enabling AI engine, FortifAI – Leverage existing security infrastructure with smart, automated

computer vision that alerts to unfolding incidents in real-time, enabling rapid response and intervention.


Ease the burden on operators and speed up time-critical decision making by automatically detecting and tracking potential threats.


Key Benefits of FortifAI:

  • Automatic detection and tracking of multiple objects
  • Works with existing camera-based security systems
  • Real time alerting and automation
  • Sensor fusion technology brings corroborative data and intelligence

FortifAI's growing list of enhancements includes:

  • Detection and tracking of multiple object classes such as: Person, car, drone, bird, plane, face, helicopter, boat, weapon (custom available upon request)
  • Single object tracking and reacquisition of small and agile targets with PTZ camera control
  • Human behavioural prediction with an individually allocated Risk Index
  • Counter-UAS detect/track/classify capability from ground or air platforms
  • Real-time face redaction
  • Full-frame image stabilisation
  • Human-aware precision drone landing in GPS-denied environments

Optimised for ultimate performance on the edge FortifAI, provides long-range visual intelligence, external sensor fusion and low-latency platform control for reducing false alarms and operator burden. 


For increased situational awareness, several state-of-art computer vision capabilities are combined into this easily integrated, platform-agnostic software application for perimeter and counter-UAS security systems, or onboard unmanned surface or aerial vehicles.

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United Kingdom
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