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  • Counter Explosive Ordnance, Explosives & Blast Protection
  • Counter Terrorism & Intelligence
  • Covert Operations & Capabilities
  • Custodial
  • Fire / First Response
  • Incident & Emergency Response
  • Personal Protection Equipment, Clothing & Accessories
  • Border and Maritime Security
  • CBRNe

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Stand B101

Beechwood Equipment offers 35+ years of specialist experience in the supply and through life support of a range of products to Armed Forces, Law Enforcement, Emergency Services & SAR agencies.


Beechwood is the exclusive UK distributor for a number of world class overseas manufacturers in the following categories:


Electro Optics: Thermal & Night Vision products, Fused systems


Autonomous Systems: Tactical UAV and UGV systems, SAR UAV, Through-Wall Radar, Pole/Under-Door Cameras


Specialist Clothing and Carriage Systems: FR clothing, Tac Vests, Pouches and bags, Helmet Covers/pouches, Klick-Fast adaptors, Cold Weather and Camo clothing


Protective Protection: Ballistic Helmets, Ballistic/Laser Glasses/Goggles, Plate Carriers


Firearms, Optical Sights and Ancillary Equipment


Beechwood specialises in supporting customers such as:


Ministry of Defence


Police: Firearms & Uniform supplies


Emergency Services: Ambulance, Fire, NARU, HART/MERIT




NCAGE:  U1152

DUNS:  220855873

DTCT ACID: UK710639820

Address 8 The Pines, Broad Street, Guildford
Telephone +44 1932 781891
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