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Vortex Communications

Stand A52

Since 1987 we’ve gained a deep insight into the requirements of the Security & Law Enforcement community and whilst many of our products may have broadcast beginnings, we develop technology specifically for this market.

The Red CentRECORD addition to our Red Centre Hostage Victim Negotiator Kit is a 2-channel evidential recorder controlled by a tablet or workstation running our CAPTURecord GUI & CAPTUReview software. Audio from the RemoteMix-4, or indeed any source, is fed directly into the input of an external soundcard, live negotiations are recorded and monitored using our CAPTURecord GUI software. All connections and negotiations can still take place from the RemoteMix-4, however, the live audio can be monitored from one of the two independent headphone outputs and our ‘Instant Replay’ functions facilitates the dynamic review of negotiation from up to 3 hours ago. Furthermore, using our CallMediRECt-x streaming capability, the live audio can be streamed to upto 4 off site locations, for example to HQ and a translator. CallMediRECt-x sends and receives Live, 20kHz, two way audio with low delay browser to browser using an encrypted link, this means that any audio, whether covertly obtained or not, can be streamed without the requirement for hardware IP Codecs at either the front of back end.

We supply, install and support a variety of Covert Monitoring Systems, ranging from multi-recording position, multi-room fixed installations that share a pool of back end equipment housed in central equipment bays, to software and server based solutions where audio is routed across a digital network. Our portable CMP Suite, known as CMP Lite, has been specifically designed to offer the same reliability as fixed Covert Monitoring Posts but is housed in portable enclosures. Depending on the external connectivity required, a typical CMPLite system consists of a CAPTURecord-4 Evidential Recorder, CAPTUReceive PSTN & GSM Diallers for additional mobile connectivity and an Audio Codec, such as a BRIC-LinkIII or CallMe-TR, that can receive audio from remote IP audio devices. With the experience we have gained not only providing, but also designing, implementing and integrating equipment for the recording and monitoring of covertly obtained audio, we are uniquely placed to offer a variety of solutions for varying systems.

SYNAPSE, is a brand new browser based evidence management system. The web-based, multi-user environment. The system can be used to manage any time-related evidence including Audio, Video, Tracking, Event Recording and Note Taking. Using a horizontal times, the web-based user interface lets end users collate a variety of standards based (OPUS, SIP, Cursor on Target, RTSP, FTP) surveillance data referred to as ‘Sources’ at any given time. Furthermore, a ’pass through’ facility is available to re-broadcast some data to other systems, such as information from a tracking device to a TAK server. SYNAPSE is an agile, multi-user, web-based time-domain system which can be provided as a standalone server implementation or run as a service on a workstation.

For the front-end our RST, which stands for Record/Stream/Track is a Multi-Streaming Vehicle Audio Codec with Tracking and Cache-&-Upload capability for when the connection is lost. In normal operation the RST streams continuous, high quality 15khz, 2-channel audio, over the public internet whilst its GPS antenna provides live tracking along with a WiFi Bluetooth antenna for local retrieval of any stored audio. Streaming two channels of high-quality audio allows better processing that can greatly improve intelligibility and remove unwanted background sounds.

We also provide a range of Under-Cover devices, solid state audio and video recorders housed everyday items, including Caps, USB Car Chargers and Smartphones, perfectly demonstrating the covert art of concealment.

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