As we start a new year we introduce a new zone for Security and Policing 2024. Highlighting the vital service of the fire and first response industry and supported by the National Fire Chiefs Council, NFCC National Resilience and International Search and Rescue, the Fire/First Response Zone will bring together professionals and capabilities in a dedicated area. Shaun Hipgrave, Director Protect and Prepare, CBRNE, Science and Technology at Homeland Security Group introduces the new zone and outlines why it is an important addition to the extensive programme at Security & Policing 2024…

In the complex landscape of national security, the collaboration between the government and industry plays a pivotal role. This synergy is essential, built around the unique strengths each brings, ensuring UK government can leverage the dynamic capabilities of industry to develop and implement effective solutions to safeguard the nation’s security.

One of the key benefits of government-industry collaboration lies in the ability to harness innovation and cutting-edge technologies. The Security & Policing event is a prime example where this collaboration can be seen at its most effective. The official UK Government global security event is held at Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre each year in March.  Hosted by the Home Office’s Joint Security & Resilience Centre (JSaRC), Security & Policing offers a world-class opportunity to meet and discuss the latest advances in delivering national  security and resilience with leading UK suppliers, UK and overseas Government officials and senior decision makers across the law enforcement and security sectors.

Within the breadth of the nation’s infrastructure, few elements are as vital as those of the fire and first response services. In the United Kingdom, this industry not only ensure the well-being of its citizens but also contributes significantly to the robustness of the national economy. In 2024 the Security and Policing event will deliver a focused Fire/First response zone, bringing together professionals and capabilities in a dedicated area.

Supported by the National Fire Chiefs Council, NFCC National Resilience and International Search and Rescue, the zone builds upon the continued development of Fire/First Response capabilities in the UK. Senior representatives from these organisations and key industry professionals will be at the event, with many providing dedicated spoken insights alongside networking opportunities. The zone will feature an extended outside area, where visitors will be able to observe demonstrations from Fire & Rescue Services.

At its core, the fire and first response industry are dedicated to preserving human life and minimizing damage during crises. The government’s investment in these services translates directly into a safer and more secure environment, mitigating economic losses and safeguarding assets central to the UK economy. Beyond ensuring a safer society, this sector serves as a catalyst for innovation and job creation, emphasising the multifaceted contributions of fire and first response services. Recognising this significance underscores the need for sustained government support and industry innovation for a safer, more resilient, and economically robust United Kingdom.

The Security & Policing event stands as the premier platform for relevant UK suppliers, boasting over 41 years of influence and global recognition. As the sole ‘closed’ event of its kind, it attracts more than 350 suppliers, 7,000 attendees, and numerous UK and overseas government officials and senior decision-makers. It is a must-attend event, providing a unique opportunity for industry and government to converge, showcasing the latest equipment, training, and support to police services, government departments, organisations, and agencies.

Security & Policing also boasts an extensive programme of keynotes and sessions led by senior UK Government officials, policing officials and industry speakers across the Keynote Briefing theatre, Fusion Forum and Innovation Zone. The Fusion Forum is designed to promote new and integrated ways of delivering security solutions across government, industry and academia. The Innovation Zone brings together Government, industry and international partners to collaborate on how innovation, science and technology can help solve the latest challenges. At the Counter Threat Pavilion, live and interactive Counter Threat Demonstrations will showcase the United Kingdom’s premier capabilities in C-EO, CBRN, Drones and Counter drones, highlighting the country’s global leadership in this crucial field. And with an extensive speaker program it is clear that a key benefit of partaking in Security & Policing is to gain insight and help contribute to thinking and driving change in Government and Law Enforcement.

By collaboratively working with industry and academia, JSaRC and the government actively contribute to the development of the UK security and resilience sector. Together, they strive to create and refine products, services, and capabilities necessary to combat crime, prevent terrorism, detect illegal immigration, and foster growth. The Security and Policing event serves as a pivotal platform, offering a vital opportunity for industry and government to engage and collaboratively shape a safer and more resilient tomorrow.

Shaun Hipgrave
Director Protect and Prepare, CBRNE, Science and Technology
Homeland Security Group (HSG)
Home Office.