Immersive Experience returns to S&P 2024

Following on from the incredible success of the Immersive Escape Room Experience in 2023, the Joint Security and Resilience Centre (JSaRC) will collaborate with industry to create a live immersive experience at Security & Policing 2024.

Hosted by the Joint Security and Resilience Centre (JSaRC), Security & Policing’s renowned Live Immersive Experience provides visitors with a series of narrative-led, content-rich, immersive experiences, which give an insight into technologies and solutions to solve the latest and future security challenges and threats.

For 2024, the immersive will have a central theme of Transport Security and aims to showcase additional themes, such as drones, artificial intelligence (AI) as well as the prevention & detection of violence to public service workers and public.

Is your product or capability designed to solve security challenges?

JSaRC is looking for market (or near-market) ready solutions to support the Immersive Experience in 2024. Products and services need to be highly interactive, and will be used by a wide range of participants throughout the event.

JSaRC is looking to work with industry and academia who are interested in creating new and engaging content for the experience. This will likely include video content, which we would work with you to develop. It may also incorporate demonstration resources already used by participant companies.

What’s the challenge?

Based at a large fictional transport hub (train and underground station), participants will be alerted that there is a suspicious bag on one of the trains. They will then have the opportunity to work their way through a multi-layered terrorist incident as a team to:

  • Stop a drone, which is causing disruption during the multi-layered terrorist incident
  • Ensure the safety of the public during the multi-layered terrorist incident

Is there a specific capability required?

We are seeking applications from organisations that can contribute content and experience on numerous areas. The immersive will aim to highlight…

  • … varying Counter Drone Technology which could be used to detect, classify, and mitigate drones and unmanned aerial vehicles.
  • …varying Transport CCTV Technology that both transport operators and police have available, to ensure that they can gain the best possible situational awareness of what is happening across a network, at any given time.
  • … varying Geolocation / Map Tracking Analysis Technology available to work out the location of a suspect.
  • … varying Crowd Simulation / Modelling Technology to examine rail passenger flow in a train station or underground station.
  • … the benefits of utilising AI in a train station or underground station.
  • … how to overcome some of the challenges first responders often face when trying to access data or information across Police Forces or third-party organisations.

More information on the capabilities the Immersive Experience is targeting can be read here.

Sound like a fit for your organisation?

Click here to learn more and register your interest in participating in the 2024 Immersive Experience at Security and Policing

The small print:

  • Registrations must be received by 1700 on 15 December 2023.
  • This event is not a commercial activity, and no goods or services will be purchased by HMG as a result of this event.
  • Participation in the feature does not offer HMG endorsement or approval nor does it form part of any commercial procurement activity.

Successful participants are required to have an exhibiting presence at Security & Policing 2024. An important part of the Immersive Experience will be the interface between suppliers and visitors.

Learn more about exhibiting at Security & Policing 2024