Invitation to Participate in the JSaRC Immersive Experience Feature as part of Security and Policing 2022

For Security & Policing 2022, the Joint Security and Resilience Centre (JSaRC) is looking to collaborate with government departments, academia and industry to create a live immersive experience.

The Immersive Experience is an ‘art of the possible’ demonstration of capabilities and technologies that brings an active sense of drama and fascination from a central position in the Security & Policing event.


Example of Immersive Feature from S&P 2020

For 2022, the Immersive Experience will focus on showcasing solutions and technology across four key policy areas: Cyber Security, Coastal & Maritime Surveillance, Supply Chain Resilience and Justice.

The responses to these policy challenges will be brought together under one overarching narrative. The narrative focusses on a major incident taking place at a strategic location in the UK’s national infrastructure. Due to the severity of this incident, it will take place over a series of operational theatres, including cyberspace, maritime, land and air. It will have wide-ranging implications for the UK’s supply chain resilience, cyber security response, maritime and coastal security, and provision of justice.

Get involved in our most ambitious Immersive Feature yet

Cyber Security

This segment will explore the process and technologies for supporting organisational defence against a large-scale ransomware attack. The scenario will focus on how to mitigate, manage and protect against further attacks. As well as this, it will highlight the importance of establishing a Cyber Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT), working with law enforcement and the sharing of information with others.

Coastal and Maritime Surveillance

This segment will focus on securing maritime and coastal safety in the wake of a major incident. This will explore how you may use technologies such as GPS, autonomous assets, acoustics, and aerial detection. This section is about demonstrating the art of the possible in detection and surveillance approaches across land, sea and air.

Supply Chain Resilience

This segment will look at the impact on UK supply chains resulting from a major incident. Solutions will consider how to build resilience with the rescheduling of goods, understanding the current picture through in-transit visibility as well as highlighting how to manage the minimise the impact on supply chains resulting from a major incident. This will focus on looking at ways to ensure that the UK can still operate in a secure way despite potential disruption.


This segment will focus on how to support the victims of crime by identifying them, their needs and enabling them to access the support and services they require in a more efficient and ethical way. This would apply technologies such as biometric matching, data analytics, AI and behavioural science alongside open data and ethical approaches so that specific needs of victims are identified and provided. This technology could have a wider range of impacts in supporting victims of any and all major incidents.

How to get involved – the opportunity

This exciting immersive feature will present four key security challenges, so we are seeking demonstratable products and services that are market or near market ready to solve the above security challenges.

JSaRC is looking to work with relevant industry and academia who are interested in being involved to create new and engaging content for the experience. That content could be in the form of live demonstrations of your equipment or video content which we would work with you to develop.

Security and Policing attracts ministers, senior civil servants and international delegations and is a great way to demonstrate how your technologies could support our efforts to boost the resilience and protect the people, places and prosperity of the UK. We are looking for companies to either provide or work with JSaRC to showcase product and service concepts, video and sound materials and live demonstrations of solutions. We’re seeking applications from organisations that focus on the following:

Immersive one – Cyber Security:

  • Ransomware protection KITs
  • Developing a national CERT/CSIRT capability
  • Threat Intelligence Reporting
  • Training courses on incident response/ Strat comms/ cybercrime legislation
  • Penetration testing
  • Cyber Security Information Sharing Platform
  • Restoration of sites

Immersive two – Coastal and Maritime Surveillance:

  • Command and Control
  • Wide and close area surveillance
  • Maritime security technology (e.g. autonomous boats)

Immersive three – Supply Chain Resilience:

  • Supply chain control towers
  • Storage and distribution
  • Digital twin
  • Resilience planning tools
  • Risk mitigation tools/software

Immersive four – Justice:

  • Mobile biometric capture and matching
  • Data insight and analytics
  • Digital ethics
  • Behavioural science

Next steps – how to register your interest 

Please complete the Smart Survey here, by 09:00 on Friday, 29 October 2021.

JSaRC and policy colleagues will review the responses submitted by this deadline, and applicants  will be informed of the outcome within four weeks, via  nominated points of contact.


  • Please note this feature will not provide Government endorsement or verification /certification of equipment.
  • This event is not a commercial activity, and no goods or services will be purchased as a result of this event.
  • Successful participants are expected to have an exhibiting presence at Security and Policing 2022. An important part of the Immersive Experience will be the interface between suppliers and visitors. This will provide an opportunity for visitors to liaise directly with supplier representative(s) throughout the event.


Questions can be directed to before 22 October 2021. Emails should have ‘Immersive Experience EOI Questions’ in the subject line of the email. JSaRC cannot guarantee that questions received after the deadline will be responded to.

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