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Scenario 1

Her Majesty's Prison & Probation Service - HMPPS has a unit of specially trained prison officers that are part of the Operational Resilience & Response Unit (ORRU). These operatives typically respond to incidents such as Offenders at Height, Hostage Incidents and Acts of Concerted Indiscipline. A scenario will unfold with a prisoner who has climbed on to safety netting on a residential prison wing. The prisoner is at height, armed with improvised weapons, and has a real desire to attack and harm officers. We will enter the netting on a Body Belay Rope Safety System, using pyrotechnic distraction to disorientate the perpetrator. With limited distal tactical options PAVA Irritant Spray and close quarter drills will be used to control and arrest the offender; supported by 'Tornado' dogs, as tactics to offer protection during the intervention and bring the situation under control.

Scenario 2

Leicestershire Fire & Rescue - Leicestershire Fire & Rescue is the national virtual reality lead for the UK’s fire service. Having produced the first fire investigation training environment that will assist fire and police investigators, the audience will see the potential of virtual reality as the emergency services training of the future.

Scenario 3

Virtual Reality Simulation Systems - The COPS (Computer Operated Police Simulator) allows users to be immersed in realistic environments and scenarios where they can improve and explore their situational awareness and correct application of procedures.

Scenario 4

C-IED - During a police raid on a suspected bomb factory, an explosion occurs resulting in incapacitating injuries and CBRN contamination. Using Counter-IED UK equipment, the EOD Operator will detect, disrupt and dispose of all explosive hazards in a CBRN environment.
CBRN - During the bomb factory raid, a container of unidentified CBRN material ruptured. As part of a follow-on demonstration from C-IED, CBRN-UK equipment, and capabilities will be demonstrated for contaminated casualty recovery, CBRN detection and monitoring, and hazardous area recovery.
Metrohm UK Ltd - Demonstration of a handheld material identification system for police, hazmat teams, bomb technicians and military personnel. At the push of a button, Mira DS Identifies illicit substances and explosives.
SDS Group - The operator will show how to unpack, connect and deploy the X-ray system components around a suspicious object or backpack. They will then demonstrate how to operate the system by its software.

Scenario 5

Covert Technical Suppliers Forum - A suspected terrorist is stopped as he enters the UK. Covert technologies and solutions from the CTSF group will be used to acquire data and intelligence to aid arrest and conviction.
MCM Solutions - After a suspect’s digital devices have been seized see how, with the right tools, the data can be forensically acquired and analysed in rapid time, leading to key actionable intelligence.