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Winner – Sesanti

Day one of Security and Policing 2023 – the official UK Government Global Security Event saw Sesanti win the 18th edition of the annual ADS Security Innovation Award.

Sesanti won for its ULARI, a next-generation ultra-low-light-level long-range camera system, developed specifically for defence and security applications where the positive identification of individuals at a range of several kilometers is imperative to aid saving lives in time critical situations.

The award was presented by Andrew Mitchell, Director General of Department for Business and Trade, Kevin Craven, ADS Chief Executive, and Michael Clayforth-Carr, VP Security and Resilience sector ADS, following live pitches to a judging panel including Angela Essel, Head of the Joint Security and Resilience Centre at the Home Office, Anita Friend, Head of the Defence and Security Accelerator, Jason Dewhurst, Director of Science and Technology Delivery and Strategy at the Home Office, and Annette Southgate, Chair of Academic RISC group.


Winner – TapSOS

The opening day of Security and Policing 2022 – the Official UK Government Global Security Event saw TapSOS win the 17th annual ADS Security Innovation Award.

The award was presented by the Home Secretary, Priti Patel, and Michael Clayforth-Carr, VP Security and Resilience sector, ADS, following live pitches to a judging panel consisting of senior figures from industry, academic and Government.

TapSOS won for its just tap emergency application, which enables non-verbal communications to the emergency services for those with physical, medical or situational barriers. TapSOS is accredited by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) and was praised by the judging panel for addressing issues on inclusivity and diversity and allowing all individuals to contact emergency services when needed.

Detego Global were announced as runners-up and praised for their digital forensics field triage solution.

The other products and services shortlisted in the Security Innovation Awards were awarded highly commended:

  • Basis Technology for the use of artificial intelligence in natural language processing;
  • Foster & Freeman for Crime-lite AUTO, which uses multi-spectral illumination to search, detect and capture evidence in a single device;
  • Scanna for a portable x-ray for use in covert investigations.


Winner – AR Live Systems

The opening day of an entirely digital edition of Security & Policing saw AR Live Systems win the 16th annual ADS Security Innovation Award.

AR Live Systems won for its Galahad facial detection and recognition software, an innovative use of machine learning and artificial intelligence to address legal and privacy challenges of use of facial recognition for law enforcement purposes. Find out more

Issured were highly commended for Mea: Connexus, a secure blockchain-enabled video interview and engagement solution.


Winner – Intelligent Voice

Intelligent Voice received the 15th annual ADS Security Innovation Award on the opening day of Security & Policing 2020.

Intelligent Voice’s winning service uses powerful data analytics to meet the challenge of using speech recognition and analysis to enable the identification and categorisation of the types of demand being placed on a police service (applicable to all emergency services) through the 999 and 101 contact service. Their service provides insight into the demand placed on the service by the public, the ability to introduce and test effective interventions, enhanced performance and service to the public and the opportunity to save significant costs for re investment in policing.

Read the full story


Winner – Safetyflex Barriers

Safetyflex Barriers received the award for Springline 50, a new generation of anti-terrorist crash fencing that requires only 400mm foundations and stops an 18 tonne truck travelling at 50mph/80kph in accordance with PAS68 IWA14.

Alan Pratt, Chief Security, Science and Innovation Officer, Home Office, presented the award. FIND OUT MORE

Mercia Solutions was awarded the runners-up position for MediaStation, a networked system for downloading and transferring video, images and audio following forensic procedures that has been used evidentially by emergency services for disaster victim identification, saving hundreds of hours of police time through remote identification processing.

Two further companies were highly commended in the ADS Security Innovation Awards:
Jepson & Co – for PlateSync®, a unique networked security tool for preventing number plate cloning.
• SeeQuestor – for SeeQuestor Model 5, enabling rapid on-site deployment and significant improved performance of the pioneering video analytics platform.


Winner – Agilent Technologies

National Security Adviser Sir Mark Sedwill presented the 13th annual ADS Security Innovation Award to Agilent Technologies on the opening day of Security & Policing 2018 in Farnborough.

The company won the award for Resolve, its handheld chemical identification system, which rapidly detects explosives, narcotics and hazardous materials through sealed, opaque containers. This capability allows information to be gathered quickly, without opening suspicious containers, and enables better critical decision making.

Smith Myers Communications was awarded the runners-up position in the competition for its Artemis product, which accurately locates and communicates with missing persons in remote areas through their mobile phone.

Two further companies were highly commended in the ADS Security Innovation Awards:
CameraForensics – for exploitation of photographic metadata in countering theft, fraud, and child exploitation.
OpenWorks Engineering – for their revolutionary counter-drone net capture systems: SkyWall.

2018 Press Release


Winner – SeeQuestor

The winner of the twelfth annual ADS Security Innovation Award was SeeQuestor for their revolutionary solution to reviewing CCTV footage. SeeQuestor quickly scans hours of CCTV footage and can identify critical leads for criminal investigations, significantly reducing man hours. The software was developed with input from leading British police teams who review video data 24-7, and can deliver results up to 100 times faster than current technology methods.

QinetiQ for its stand-off threat detection system: SPO-NX

Highly Commended

Foster + Freeman Ltd for its landmark fingerprint visualisation technique: fpNatural IR Fluorescent Fingerprint Powders

Evidence Talks Ltd for its digital forensic processing tool: SPEKTOR Cascade Forensics


Winner – Symetrica
The winner of the eleventh annual ADS Security Innovation Award was Symetrica for their Discovery RPM – Radiation Portal Monitors. The Award was presented to Heddwyn Davies, CEO of Symetrica by the Security Minister, the Rt Hon John Hayes MP.

Symetrica’s RPM increases operational efficiency when screening vehicles and cargo at ports and borders for radioactive threats. For primary screening, it reduces nuisance alarms by 84%, saves time by classifying radiation sources effectively and ensures only necessary secondary investigation takes place.

Dutch Customs deploys Symetrica’s RPM at the Maasvlakte 2 extension to Rotterdam Port through the prime contractor, L3 Security Detection Systems. The RPM is built on Symetrica’s Discovery Technology®, deployed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in the Smiths Detection RadSeeker™.


3rd Forensic Ltd for its Forensic Image Linking and Management System (FILM) Mk II and Mk III. This is an enhancement to its Mk I system which received an Innovation Award in 2013.  Centered around a tailor-made database and search engine, FILM is a uniquely effective forensic image management tool for use with CCTV images and body-worn video footage; enabling faster and more cost effective identification of suspects.

FILM has contributed to more than 13,000 identifications, and a rise in the guilty plea rate from an average of 63% to 84% in FILM-assisted prosecutions.

Highly Commended

Create Intelligence for Chorus, the sector-leading application which enables analysts to produce courtroom-standard briefing documents from up to 10 million lines of data in minutes.

Chorus highlights previously hidden connections and by so doing opens up new lines of enquiry, putting actionable intelligence in the hands of investigators fast. It is designed to empower analysts in the face of increasingly overwhelming volumes of data and has already been chosen by nearly 75% of UK police forces.

Serco Group plc, for New Wind Farm Friendly UK Air Defence Radars. By creating an innovative business model with the MOD, it was possible to expand on-shore and off-shore wind-powered generators while providing three new wind farm tolerant air defence radars on the North Sea coast.

This approach has resulted in enhanced national security against potential airborne threats; increased energy generating capability, and reduced C02 generation – all at no cost to the MOD.


Winner – Reveal Media
Reveal Media has been providing body-worn video systems for nearly a decade and is responsible for pioneering technologies including the RS2-X2 body camera – a unique body-worn device with a front facing screen, fully articulated camera head and AES256 encryption.

Runner up – CrewShield Ltd
Crewshield’s ‘Citadel’ offers a transportable, self-contained, easily loaded, deck mountable, secure, armoured safe with full life support systems and extensive telecommunications. The Crewshield Citadel was conceived as a refuge for ship’s crews in the event of pirate attack and was designed for that application. The citadel is equally suitable for land based, high risk environments where personnel and/or high value or critical material stores may require protection from attack.

Highly Commended – Scanna MSC Ltd
Scanna MSC’s Flexray system has significantly improved the performance of portable x-ray capabilities. Through a system of multiple image plates which can be set up in a variety of configurations, Flexray allows large surface areas to be investigated with a single x-ray shot, saving valuable time but also, more importantly, the time operators have to spend near a hazardous device.

Highly Commended – Thermo Scientific
Law enforcement agencies and the military face increasing challenges in identifying chemical and explosive materials. Thermo Scientific’s Gemini handheld analyser brings a number of complementary technologies together into a single, compact rugged unit designed to meet the demanding requirements of frontline operations in chemical identification.


Winner – RepKnight
Since it was established in 2011 years ago, RepKnight has quickly established itself a leader in detecting and understanding what is being said on the web through social media, forums and RSS feeds in real-time. The tool developed by the company monitors and alerts users to spikes in data volumes and pinpointing geographical locations of the commentary. The software has already been trialed at the London 2012 Olympics, and RepKnight has subsequently won a number of domestic and international customers, with trials taking place on every continent.

Runner – up Safetyflex Barriers
Safetyflex is a world leader in anti-terrorist bollards. It has re-engineered the technology patented by parent company GME Springs, which manufactures steel suspension technology for commercial vehicles, to create a spring steel bollard that is cheaper, more effective and easier to install than any other unit on the market.

Highly Commended – Hidden Technology
In March 2013, Hidden Technology launched its E-Tracker product. E-Tracker is arguably the most versatile device the company has produced, with both GSM/GPRS and integrated RF technologies. Importantly, the device can also be powered by a wide variety of disposable power-sources and be configured to last a significantly longer time in the field.

Highly Commended – Reveal Media
Reveal was highly commended as their body worn cameras and DEMS management software have significantly improved crime prevention and made efficient police/law enforcement activity.


  • Winner – Zaun Limited
  • Runner up – 3rd Forensic
  • Highly Commended – Heald Ltd

2012 (Sponsored by General Dynamics UK)

  • Winner – Daetech Systems (UK) Limited
  • Runner up – Evidence Talks Ltd
  • Highly Commended – Digital Barriers
  • Highly Commended – Ipsotek
  • Highly Commended – PS5
  • Highly Commended – Tensor
  • Highly Commended – VIT Security Group

2011 (Sponsored by General Dynamics UK)

  • Runner up – Radio Tactics
  • Highly Commended – Vemotion

2010 (Sponsored by General Dynamics UK)

Joint winners  – Smiths Detection & GriffComm

Highly commended:

  • BCB International
  • Core Systems (NI) Ltd
  •  Global RadioData Communications
  • Lifelock Ltd
  • Navtech Radar Ltd
  • Persides Limited
  • Scyron Ltd
  • Wireless CCTV Systems (WCCTV Ltd)


  • Winner – Cypher Technology Ltd
  • Highly commended – AV Niche Recording Systems Ltd
  • Highly commended – Jacksons Security


  • Joint Winner – Detective Superintendent Mike Gradwell, Lancashire Police
  • Joint Winner – Neat3D (now MWH Global)
  • Highly Commended – Wireless CCTV Systems (WCCTV Ltd)
  • Highly Commended – Safe Cities Ltd


Winner – PIPS Technology (now 3M Motor Vehicle Systems & Services)