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Stand A78

Security, Policing and Border Monitoring
The illicit movement of radioactive material poses a major risk to national and international security and continues to drive government policy around the world. Essential for nuclear security, border monitoring and nuclear safeguards, is the ability to detect and locate radiological threats quickly and accurately.

The CORIS360® Solution
CORIS360® is a new, advanced radiation imaging platform technology to enhance nuclear security outcomes. The system locates gamma signatures across a broad energy range and over a wide 360° x 90° field of view. CORIS360® also detects the presence of neutrons. Combining radiological imaging functionality with neutron detection capability delivers significant nuclear security benefits.

Features and benefits
– Fast gamma imaging with neutron detection
– Quickly detect, identify and locate RN threats
– 360° x 90° field of view gamma imaging enabling multiple people, vehicles and containers to be scanned at any one time
– Stand-off detection
– Fast imaging and data collection to improve decision-making
– Identifies and locates radioactive sources, quickly differentiating between radioactive sources of concern and naturally occurring radionuclides
– Ability to image multiple threat signatures from a single acquisition
– Simple graphical user interface with optical overlay to aid interpretation
– Ability to detect the presence of neutrons
– Eliminates the manual labour and personnel radiation exposure from scanning with a handheld device
– Enhance security

CORIS360® is on display at Booth A78 during the Security and Policing Conference. We look forward to showing you this advanced radiation imaging platform technology.

A product of ANSTO, the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation.


Address New Illawarra Road, Lucas Heights

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