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Agilent Technologies

Stand E4-F

Agilent Technologies manufacture laser-based (Raman) portable detection systems used for chemical ID (e.g. explosives, CWAs, TICs and narcotics). The ‘Resolve’ can operate with a direct line of sight to a sample, such as exposed powder or a liquid spillage, or through a barrier such as coloured and translucent plastics, glass, paper, fabrics, hessian etc. The ability to identify the contents of a truly opaque or complex containers without opening them to gain access or take a sample, yields several possible benefits; safety (not releasing materials to environment), efficiency (time spent in theatre/PPE), decision making (mission critical data is obtained quickly) and evidence and intelligence preservation.

Address Spectrum Building, Becquerel Avenue, Harwell Campus
OX11 0RA
United Kingdom
Telephone +44 1235 856555
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