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GemaSecure Ltd

Stand E93

GemaSecure’s Core Technology

GemaSecure Ltd is a specialist developer of advanced, ultrafast, highly secure, voice and data technologies (FPGA based hardware and embedded secure software applications) focused on the processing of huge amounts of data incredibly quickly – and securely – with our range of 1RU hardware devices able to interrogate, analyse, and process between 1GbE and 400GbE of data throughput in <20µS per application using minimal power.
GemaSecure’s latest capability provides a miniature mobile / body worn hardware device, GEE Micro, specifically designed and developed for delivering ultrafast, highly secure voice and data communications for a range of applications including Military; First Responder; Smart City; automotive/autonomous vehicles; full IoT/IIoT/IoBT protection; as well as many other applications.  
These ultrafast, high performance, processing devices can also be used to process our own suite of 34 Cyber applications; our own latest Partial and Full Homomorphic Encryption software; as well as other specialist applications designed and developed by independent third-party software developers, who wish to maximise the performance of their own applications by running their software on GemaSecure’s high performance, highly secure, range of hardware devices. Such applications include working with a specialist US based SME to provide high speed processing of NLP voice data

GemaSecure Recent Achievements: Proven Deliverables

  • MoD sponsored R&D Project: Acknowledged as a leading SME developer of FPGA based hardware technologies, GemaSecure were invited by MoD ISS to develop a specific technology project which was successfully completed over a 6-month time frame
  • Working with Specialist Third Party Developers – Enhancing NLP Software: Worked closely with a Washington DC based specialist software developer of NLP software in order to accelerate its performance achieving 30x faster than AWS Cloud using 133x less power 
  • Developing Commercially Viable Partial & Full Homomorphic Encryption: Working closely with City, University of London, GemaSecure have successfully developed, and proven, our own PHE & FHE application software running on our ultrafast suite of hardware devices.

Cost Benefits of Deploying GemaSecure’s Core Technology:

  • Ultra-Low Power consumption: 4GbE throughput device draws <10 Watts: 100GbE throughput device draws 75 Watts; 400GbE throughput device draws 350 Watts
  • Ultra-Small Footprint: All of GemaSecure’s hardware devices occupy 1RU of rack space with an equivalent rack space usage of up to four full racks of CPU Servers
  • Total Cost of Ownership over a 5-year term: Equates to less than 50% of the total cost of running conventional CPU based data processing servers.
  • GEE Micro: A sophisticated, fully meshed, high performance, mobile/body worn device providing always available, secure comms in any number of different scenarios housed in a fully ruggedized casing measuring max. 9cm x 6 cm x 2 cm and drawing <10 Watts

Applicable Market Sectors Include:

  • Cyber Security: 34 core modules currently available including DPI; IDS/IPS; DDoS; Web App. Fire Wall; SSL Encryption and Re-inspection.
  • Incident & Emergency Response: Powerful, all embracing solution incorporating secure comms and secure live streaming video for all First Responders
  • Counter Terror & Intelligence: Large (secure) data sets processed in a fraction of the time currently taken by existing CPU/GPU server-based solutions
  • Communications, Command & Control: Secure interoperability of voice; video and all other data types and formats for ingest & processing of NLP intelligence.
  • Covert Operations and Capability: Agile and cognitive Software Defined Radio capability conceals radio communications within existing Licenced Spectrum
  • Border and Marine Security: Provision of highly secure Voice and sensor Data communications between UAVs; support vessels and other monitoring platforms
  • Unmanned Systems, Robotics, & Counter Measures: Agile & Cognitive Radio Communications in Contested/Congested Environments & Spectrum Dominance.
  • Military & Defence: Joint Interoperability and Orchestration with security and Intelligence Services providing a single view of actionable intelligence
  • Critical National Infrastructure: Fully scaleable IIoT sensor data acquisition with end to end security via edge and core processing capabilities including Smart Cities & true 5G.

For more information contact GemaSecure at or call 0845 345 3333

Address Belvedere House, Basing View, Basingstoke
RG21 4HG
United Kingdom
Telephone +44 845 345 3333
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