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Stand D48

Heruon is a leading developer of both AI and hardware used in ethical and accurate facial and object recognition technology, specializing in policing, counter-terrorism security and other public and private sector fields.  Heruon also provides technology that can identify signals emitted by cell-phones and other devices.

Heruon’s offerings include proprietary and patented technology, and have been recognised by an award presented by the UK Home Office for their innovative approach to security.

The company is committed to ensuring the responsible and secure handling of data while delivering high-performing products to its clients.

Heruon offers solutions to problems widely faced by policing and prison services. These include identifying unusual behaviour that may be linked to criminal activity, identifying illicit cell-phones in prisons and thereby providing opportunities to check historic movements of such devices and the past and present communications, detecting and tracing vulnerable people, ensuring that probationers and others on ‘controlled release’ are abiding by the terms of that release.

With Heruon’s data analysis capabilities, clients can make informed decisions based on the collected data. Heruon’s products are designed to be versatile and adaptable, providing customized solutions to meet the unique needs of each customer

Address 7, Balloo Court, Balloo Drive
BT19 7AT
United Kingdom
Telephone +44 7880 5270
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