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Synalogik Innovative Solutions

Stand D133

Synalogik Innovative Solutions Ltd (“Synalogik”) is a privately-owned company that was formed to  deliver solutions, to both the public and private sectors, based around the process automation of  data gathering, analysis, risk scoring and report writing for the intelligence and investigation communities or indeed any role or department that complete the laborious manual researching of databases.

Founded in 2018, Synalogik was conceived with a specific objective: to undertake intelligence and investigations differently, to empower investigators to exploit data to prevent and detect non-compliant  behaviour and criminality.  As the volume of data available to investigators has continued to expand,  Synalogik has continued to evolve our product offering to combat current tactics; every Synalogik  customer gets the most updated version of Scout® at no extras cost, throughout the contract term.

Synalogik’s proprietary intelligence and investigation platform Scout® is based in AWS, highly secure and operationally proven to lead to significant efficiencies in time and investigation success.

Address United Kingdom
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