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Understand the threat, maximise protection


Terriscope is a bespoke app and web-based platform, designed for law enforcement and those working within security. 


It provides fast-time notification and security analysis of potential and confirmed terrorist attacks – keeping you informed and up-to-date on the terrorist threat. 


Here are some questions with the co-founder and Director of Global Intelligence, Kyle Hardcastle:


Tell us about Terriscope?


"Terriscope is a new app that has been specially created to support those working within the security sector. Combining 24/7 monitoring of open-source intelligence and subject matter expertise, the app provides fast-time information and analysis of terrorist attacks and related incidents – as they occur and develop. Analysis provided by the app has been carefully designed to be quick to read, yet informative, and focuses on information relevant to security practitioners – such as attack methodology, targeting, effective protective measures, and lessons learned."


Why did you decide to create the app?


"Having served in policing, including over a decade in counter terrorism protective security, I have had the privilege of working closely with private businesses and security professionals.

During this time, it became apparent to me that many security practitioners rely on mainstream news for information about terrorist incidents and developments. I decided to create Terriscope as a quicker, more professional tool that is accessible and contextualises and structures open-source information from a security perspective."


Why is analysis of terrorist attacks vital for those responsible for security?


"Effective counter terrorism security operations start with a solid assessment of the terrorist threat. Understanding how and where attacks are likely to occur, allows finite resources to be allocated and used efficiently to provide maximum protection. Analysing terrorist incidents from a security perspective, provides vital insights into the terrorist threat and can serve to identify potential vulnerabilities. Fast-time information as an incident develops, also allows security practitioners to undertake dynamic risk assessments and review their security posture – to ensure a considered and proportionate response. This has always been important but will become increasingly vital for U.K. businesses, with the anticipated implementation of the Protect Duty."



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