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DARIT Technologies

Stand P15

DARIT Technologies is a Canadian company designing surveillance systems based on a unique acoustic detection technology that can be combined with other sensing modalities, such as cameras and lidars, for advanced detection and recognition using artificial intelligence techniques. Its first product is a system for detecting air and ground contraband deliveries. Using a network of acoustic arrays of microphones, the system localizes and tracks in 3D multiple drones, simultaneously and in real-time. Acoustic tracking is combined to visual and lidar-based imaging to recognize and track different types of threats in the air and on the ground, logged in a local database for security intelligence. Artificial intelligence techniques are used to detect and classify threats in real-time, distinguishing drone and human intrusions from vehicles and animals. The system can be set to be used specifically for drone detection or for ground surveillance, or be combined with other sensing modalities.

Address 3000-P1, boul. Universit
Telephone +1 819 446 6060
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