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Our platform puts the citizen first and central.  The innovation comes from the  “connectivity” between the citizen in their home community and the key services around their community (i.e. police, local authority, utilities provision, schools, NHS etc).

As these organisations “sign-up” to the platform, the value to the organisation and to the citizen continues to increase with a direct information sharing capability between them.

The platform is being integrated with and automatically fed from, verified information sources (e.g. Met Office, Environment Agency etc) and where appropriate, localised to relevant geographic community based on postcode or defined region.

The citizen can join groups of interest relevant or local to them (e.g. sports clubs, faith institutions, holiday providers).  Citizens can join or leave these groups at their discretion, but the platform will always deliver the “Platform Data Feeds” into the relevant groups defaulting to “Home”.

The place of work for each citizen can join the platform and create private groups (only employees and named contractors will see messages) and be fed with the platform wide data feeds; the interface remains the same single App for all participants, the platform dealing with all aspects of “private” and “public” messages, data integrity and security.

Events and venues can sign up to the platform and be able to disseminate key event information, security, wellbeing, and logistics directly to attendees. When necessary, they will be able to connect directly with their audiences and establish a two-way exchange (to those who have signed up to the appropriate group for that event or venue).

Overtime, the many and various means of communicating with a citizen, for important information, will become our platform, consolidating and simplifying important information provision for all.

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