Centre for Emerging Technology and Security (CETaS)

The Centre for Emerging Technology and Security (CETaS) is a research centre based at The Alan Turing Institute, the UK’s national institute for data science and artificial intelligence. The Centre's mission is to inform UK security policy through evidence-based, interdisciplinary research on emerging technology issues. CETaS conducts policy-focused research and analysis on topics related to […]

National Crime Agency (NCA) Science & Technology Innovation

We are the NCA’s Innovation function.  We understand mission problems and support system response through collaboration across Government, Academia and Industry to leverage technology, system and policy approaches to help operational teams throughout the NCA solve tomorrow’s problems, today.

National Physical Laboratory (NPL)

The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) is the UK's National Metrology Institute (NMI), developing and maintaining the national primary measurement standards, as well as collaborating with other NMIs to maintain the international system of measurement. As a public sector research establishment, we deliver extraordinary impact by providing the measurement capability that underpins the UK's prosperity and […]


Hatch is an innovation hub in Singapore that spearheads collaborations between global start-ups, SMEs, HTX (Home Team Science and Technology Agency), and Singapore’s Home Team. We accelerate technologies and innovations with dual-use public safety and security applications. Our global technology acceleration programme, Dimension X, validates novel and innovative start-up technologies with strong potential to solve […]

Home Office Commercial

Home Offic Commercial Our Vision:Drive Commercial Value to Deliver Home Office Outcomes •Deliver across the full commercial lifecycle from initial idea through to benefits realisation Strategy → Tender → Evaluation → Award → Contract Management → Lessons Learnt Address 2 Marsham StreetSW1P 4DF Website www.gov.uk/home-office@ukhomeoffice

Academic RISC

Academic RISC is a consortium of academics, providing expertise and advice to Government regarding the UK’s ongoing security and resilience needs. ARISC is being refreshed in partnership with JSaRC, Home Office, and supported by the Government Chief Science Adviser community. ARISC will enhance diversity of collaboration between academia, industry, and government; synthesise knowledge, skills and […]

Home Office Science, Innovation and Technology (SIT)

The Home Office is at the frontier of keeping the UK safe and secure, delivering services that make a real difference to the public, in collaboration with our partners. Science, Innovation and Technology (SIT) remains critical for understanding threats and seizing opportunities across all areas of the Home Office’s interests – from reducing crime to […]

SA Group

SA Group is a Cyber Security, P3M and Technical consultancy working in vital Public Sector and Commercial markets. We specialise in helping clients scope and deliver against critical challenges within increasingly complex digital environments, creating value, maximising growth and improving business performance.   Our success for our clients is founded in our tenacious determination to […]


Know exactly what happens on any blockchain. Elliptic powers the blockchain intelligence that helps law enforcement and national security teams detect and combat financial crime in crypto. As the pioneer of blockchain analytics, we assess billions of dollars worth of crypto transactions activity every day that public and private sector organisations rely upon to expose […]

Blue Lights Digital

Blue Lights Digital (BLD) A digital investigations and intelligence integrator company. Your reliability is our promise. A trusted supplier of investigations and intelligence training and solutions, secure systems integration, high side government application development, systems and tools training for LEA and national security agencies. Our international capacity building, digital forensics, specialist hardware and software supply […]