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Special Services Group, LLC

Stand A37

SSG provides technical and tactical solutions for asymmetrical and mobile environments. SSG recently released a new revolutionary line of low SWaP-C video compressors, designed and manufactured exclusively in house. Our innovative solutions include compressor, camera, modem, recording and PTZ functionality integrated together into previously impossible form factors and concealments. SSG also offers TTL devices including miniature tags, covert audio systems, covert video solutions and RF sensors.

Address PO Box 825
United States
Telephone +1 209 682 5026

New Product Launch


The SSGMVC-PTZ™ represents a breakthrough in cellular connected video concealments. The SSGMVC-PTZ brings pan and tilt functionality, dual sensor imaging, and video compression, transmission and recording together in a tiny 2.2” diameter device, perfect for concealments. A pair of integrated 5-megapixel MIPI imagers, mounted to a custom, encoded pan and tilt mechanism, allow the user to steer the camera onto target. Integrated within the housing is the SSGMVC™ video compressor, designed to be connected to either the integrated LTE modem or an external COTS USB modem. The device offers direct integration into VMS systems via its Onvif-S compatible interface. No complex modem configuration is required as the SSGMVCPTZ, on power connects to the internet, and automatically connects with its decompression server. All other settings are then available to the user via the decompression server’s webpage. Bitrate, frame rate and resolution can be varied on the fly, allowing users to effectively manage their cellular plan. The unit’s external USB host port, also allows direct connection to a multitude of infrastructure, including cellular, mesh and satcom options. In terms of compression efficiency, original quality 720P/30 video can be transferred across the 4G link at bit rates of 350 kbps, and the system is scalable down to 10 kbps, and the compression ratio can be changed on the fly, from the decompression server’s web page. The SSGMVC-PTZ measures 56 x 56 x 96mm and consumes less than 3.5W, including its integrated modem and recorder.

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