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Keyinformant s.r.l.

Stand A73

Keyinformant is a worldwide leading provider of tactical Audio and Video solutions for Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies. In the portfolio:- “6K”: ULTRA High-Quality real-time audio streaming & store and forward device. Supports 7 wireless encrypted miniature microphones and 2 wired, a unique and compact solution to monitor several spaces with one device;- “AIO”: 4G/3G/2G GPS real-time tracker, compact, with all the antennas integrated;- “WebSense”: web app integrated with local map server or online maps, allowing secured trackers monitoring on smartphones;- "BEE": a game-changer in the field of covert live AV & location streaming with FACE RECOGNITION. Our front end camera smartphone and background operated application streams live to a private server at the end user’s premises; – "Jas": a sophisticated Android-based live AV streaming system with a variety of external miniature cameras;- “VD2”: new Digital Encrypted video transmitter over 4G / Wi-Fi link;- Standalone stations ready-to-use, or client/server-based solution available.

Address Via G.Pezzana 35
Reggio Emilia


Telephone +39 3357 865 046

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