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OpenWorks Engineering

Stand B119(L)

OpenWorks Engineering is a hi-tech product company developing world-leading security and counter-terrorism products. The company has developed an innovative physical drone defence system, named SkyWall. The system offers government authorities and private security organisations the capability to protect the public, VIPs, prisons and critical national infrastructure from the threats posed by commercially available drones. SkyWall offers a cost effective, proportionate and physical response to the drone threat, allowing the operator to seize and bring down a drone to a controlled landing under parachute at a time and place of their choosing, within a populated urban environment. Using a combination of a pneumatically powered smart launcher and an intelligent projectile, the concept embodies a simple principle: catch the target drone in a net. The SkyWall product range offers drone security in man portable and temporary or permanent installations.

Address 4B Stocksfield Hall
4B Stocksfield Hall
4B Stocksfield Hall
NE43 7TN
United Kingdom
Telephone 07951022151

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