Computer Projects of Illinois

Computer Projects of Illinois, Inc. (CPI) is the only information-sharing solutions provider dedicated to law enforcement professionals. Having served the industry for over 30 years, our team has unmatched experience and passion for creating useful, innovative products designed to increase public safety and prevent dangerous situations. We believe software can help save lives, which is […]

Smith Myers Communications Ltd

Smith Myers Communications Ltd is an award winning UK owned and UK based Company that for 30-years has specialized in the design, development, manufacture and support of application specific cellular network and handset exploitation capabilities for Government Agencies and The Military. Smith Myers have been producing and supporting industry leading products world-wide since 1986. Security, […]

Sonic Communications (Int) Ltd

Sonic Communications (Int) Ltd is a market leader and global supplier of critical communications accessories and specialist surveillance equipment and services for government agencies and industrial sectors, with over 40 years’ experience in these fields. Sonic specialises in the design and manufacture of a large range of audio accessories for all makes of radio equipment, […]

Constella Intelligence

Constella Intelligence believes the only way to defeat digital risk is by knowing how to work together to safeguard what matters most. That’s why our leading Digital Risk Protection solutions are broad, collaborative, and scalable, powered by a unique combination of proprietary data, technology, and human expertise. We’re diverse, multinational, and fully committed to making […]


Thermoteknix is a leader in thermal imaging expertise and excellence. Thermoteknix delivers both off-the-shelf and customised thermal, night vision and fused night vision solutions for military, civilian law enforcement and security agents to meet the demands they face at night and in other low-light situations. For 30 years, the company has been developing ground breaking […]


Caminos – Tools, Equipment and trainingCreating new security solutions to combat tomorrow’s security threats today.We provides solutions for CME and Deployment of miniature surveillance equipment.Caminos develops and manufactures its own intellectual property through facilities located in the EU and Australia.The company also cooperates and partners with a range of vetted, global technology companies in the […]

Survitec Defence & Aerospace

SURVITEC: (SURVIval, TEChnology)Operating across the Government and Defence, Industrial, Energy and Marine sectors, Survitec helps ensure survival, across air, land, and sea, through the design and manufacture of life-saving technology. This includes wearable personal survival equipment to keep an individual safe, multi-person deployable systems to protect many people in an emergency and life safety solutions […]


Nyxcell provides highly-specialized cellular base station solutions for law enforcement, homeland security, and military deployments. Our technology supports any 3GPP standard including 2G, 3G, CDMA, 4G, and now 5G. Nyxcell’s solutions include Wi-Fi, geolocation, and direction-finding capabilities. From miniaturized handheld and man-portable solutions to high-power, 16-radio vehicular systems, our field-proven technology is in use by […]

Sabre Global UK

Sabre Global UK provides dynamic solutions for a global market, to make the world a safer place.We serve governments, individuals and organisations with world-class security solutions. We are dedicated to using our foresight, understanding and adaptability in tackling the ever-increasing and evolving security challenges we all face in society today.Offering full turn-key services and packages, […]

Candy Group / Xsun

Candy Group is delighted to offer the XSun SolarOne drone capable of over 12 hours endurance (up to 600kms). A new customer ready solution for large-scale cm accuracy aerial survey, monitoring and surveillance in the form of a solar drone tailored to maritime, border, agricultural, infrastructure, environmental and geoint requirements. The VLOS/BVLOS platform can offer […]