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Scanna MSC Ltd


Scanna is a specialist UK manufacturer of portable and postal x-ray screening and detection equipment.We work to keep things as simple as possible for operators minimising components, connections, complexity and time on task. Our aim is to deliver reliable high quality x-ray solutions that let you take an x-ray fast, whilst delivering the best possible image for the operator.Our solutions include CR plates offering true ground level imaging using flexible image plates and a unique range of ruggedised DR x-ray detector plates suitable for urban and transport security tasks through to field based EOD and munitions work. All Scanna systems are suitable for manual or RGV approach and operate with both pulsed and CP generators. Our postal cabinet x-ray scanners are designed for user safety and simplicity with one button, one person operation. Images can be shared externally via internet/network connectivity.

Address 223 Regent Street
Telephone 01793 786045

New Product Launch

Scansilc 1824

Scansilc 1824 is a new portable x ray system designed to give search operators a lightweight capability to investigate suspicious items and threats.. The Scansilc 1824 only comprises three components: x- ray generator, tablet and 18 x 24 cm imaging panel. With a total system weight of under 5kg Scansilc 1824 can be rapidly deployed in a briefcase or carry case to areas of concern. Simple to operate, a high definition x ray image (76 micron resolution) is produced in seconds thus giving operators the information they need to carry out their mission quickly. The versatile Scansilc 1824 can be used in conjunction with both pulsed and constant potential x ray generators and can be operated in a range of environmental conditions. With a robust unibody design the imaging panel is IP67 water and dust protected and can withstand drops of over 1 metre. Giving operators the assurance they need that the equipment will operate when they need it most.
Scansilc 1824 has been designed for operators who need a high definition x ray quickly whether it is an unattended bag at a stadium or a criminal house search. The scope is endless. Scansilc 1824 is a new x-ray system designed by operators for operators. .

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